SK1395 Details

Name: SK1395
Type: snp
Source: point
Position: chrY:21079150..21079150 (+ strand)
Length: 1
allele_anc: G
allele_der: A
comment: Equal or downstream SK1395
count_derived: 1
count_tested: 2
isogg_haplogroup: J2a1a11
load_id: SK1395
mutation: G to A
primer_f: FGC427_F
primer_r: FGC427_R
ref: Mark Stoneking and Ryan Wei (2014)
ycc_haplogroup: J2-SK1395
yfull_node: I-Y249408,J-Z7429
primary_id: 294211
gbrowse_dbid: chrY:database
>SK1395 class=Sequence position=chrY:21079150..21079150 (+ strand)